The four reasons why people don’t buy your stuff.

There are just four reasons why people don’t buy what you’re offering and if you want to improve your sales in 2017 you really need to address these.

The first and most common reason is that they just don’t need what you’re selling. It’s all too easy to believe that everyone needs what you sell but if you do the necessary thinking about who will want your product it quickly becomes obvious that not everyone will.

So for example if you try to sell dog biscuits, people who either don’t have a dog or don’t like dogs are unlikely to buy your product. This is why it’s necessary to do the hard work to identify your prospects properly at the beginning of the sales process. We have a great tool that will walk you through the process of Identifying your ‘Who’. Just click here to access.

The second reason why people don’t buy your stuff is that they simply don’t have the money and they have no means to get it. This reason is not as common as you’d believe, in fact if you ask most people why they truly didn’t buy it’s more likely to be the other 3 reasons listed here.  Sales staff over the years have used this as an excuse for poor sales technique or to give unnecessary discounts. Having said this there will be some people who’d buy your stuff but don’t have the cash, just not as many as you’d think.

The third reason why people don’t buy your stuff is that they don’t believe you. No matter how hard you’ve tried or how much you’ve said your product is great they simply don’t believe that your telling the truth. Convincing your prospect is probably the most important of the sales process but it is rarely talked about. The conviction step can be broken down to 3 simple rules:-

  1. Tell your prospects what your product is and what it will do to benefit them. Yep that old chestnut of selling benefits and not the features.
  2. Tell them, and if practicable, show them that it works satisfactorily. You’d be surprised how few sales people actually bother to demonstrate their products
  3. Support your claims about your product with evidence.  Other people saying you have a great product is far more convincing than you’ll ever be, so collect those testimonials.

The fourth reason is that they believe you, and they believe you’re right about the product and that it actually does work. However they don’t believe it will work for them. For example you may have the world’s best slimming product, you might even have thousands of testimonials for delighted customer but the voice in their head will still be saying “that’s fine that it worked for all of those people but I’ve tried lots of slimming products before and they’ve never worked for me”.

For successful sales you need prospects that are pre-informed, pre-qualified, pre-motivated and finally predisposed to buy. This is the purpose of your marketing system. So your marketing system needs to inform your prospects on what your product will do for them, how it will transform their lives or businesses. Your marketing system needs to pre qualify your prospects, informing them of the price upfront will disqualify a lot of prospects and save you time and effort. Getting them excited about the product will motivate them and move them to the final stage i.e predisposed to buy. Master this with your marketing system and you’ll not need to worry about the four reasons why people don’t buy your stuff.