In this short blog I’m going to share with you 5 C’s that will help you overcome obstacles and thrive in both business and life.

  1. Clarity

In order to be successful you really do need to be clear about what you’re trying to do. This is why our E’learning programme starts with you establishing a vision. What will success in life and business look like. Once you have the vision you then need to set goals to achieve the vision. Lacking clarity about what you’re trying to do and achieve is perhaps the single biggest reason for failure.


Confidence is little understood. Most people say to me that they will start something new when they feel confident. But there’s a problem, to start something new you need to develop a new competence, but developing a new competence requires courage to try something new, and that courage comes from a commitment made to yourself to develop the new competence in the first place, finally you will have the confidence to succeed because you have developed the competence. This little diagram explains it well.

Confidence circle


Congruency is all about behaviour. So you’ve developed a vision and established some goals to allow you to achieve that vision but is your behaviour congruent with what you’re trying to achieve? If you’re looking to lose weight and you behaved in a manner that led to you overeating and not exercising then it’s very unlikely you would achieve your vision of a new slimmer you.

Success is about behaviour:-

  • Not Attitude
  • Not Upbringing
  • Not Education
  • Not Skill
  • Not Luck
  • Not Capital

If your behaviour is congruent with your vision and goals then success will follow.

  1. Consciousness

So for you to be congruent with your goals then you need to be conscious of your behaviour. What methods do you use to ensure that you know what’s going on in your life or business. If your business goal is to double your profit in the next 12 months are you conscious of where you are, are you taking the necessary measurements to ensure your success. Are you measuring the number of leads you generate, are you measuring your conversions, the increase in transactions and amount of repeat business you’re generating. Being conscious allows you to take the necessary corrective actions to stay on track.

  1. Commitment

Whenever you’re trying something new or trying to reach a new goal then there is one thing for sure, it’s going to get tough. You need to be committed to your own success. As whatever you don’t do regularly by routine, by commitment… Has a way of not getting done at all. This takes discipline. Here are some key points you may want to consider about discipline.

    • Beating yourself up, self discipline is rarely sustainable. It Doesn’t Work
    • Honour & integrity do work. (compelling reason)
    • You need to make commitments AND have drop dead deadlines.
    • You must respond to self-imposed pressure the same way you would with deadlines and pressures from others.
    • You can’t honour your commitments unless/until you have daily disciplines.
    • Value your time and be ruthless about anyone stealing it.
    • Break the cycle of procrastination. Train yourself to do what needs to be done before it needs to be done. 

Ask yourself this question:- “If I needed to get X done by Y else I died could I do it?” and then make a commitment to yourself about you and your life by answering this question.

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